Monday, 23 April 2012

Green and silver flower stamping

I haven't posted anything in a few days! I can't say I have an excuse, other than being amazing at procrastinating, so sorry about that... Anyway, on with the design.
Today, I have a green and silver flower pattern. This was done using the Bundle Monster image plate BM221, a base coat (3 coats) of Miss Beauty UK's "Ocean" and a stamping colour of Barry M's "Silver Foil".

I'm really loving these stamping plates, it makes putting cute designs on my nails so much easier and less time-consuming. Definitely a buy I'd recommend to anyone wanting to start stamping without buying overly expensive plates and polishes.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Max Factor "Fantasy Fire" swatches

There’s one colour that EVERYONE is talking about right now. Max Factor’s “Fantasy Fire”. I first heard about it on Nailasaurus’s blog, here, and fell in love with the colour. I’ve ever seen anything like this before, but aparently it’s a lot like Clarins 230 “Unicorn Pee”. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard about Clarins until I heard about Fantasy Fire, but they’re both gorgeous colours.
When I brought the colour yesterday, I layered 2 coats of it onto 2 coats of Barry M’s “Vivid Purple” because on it’s own, Fantasy Fire is a very sheer polish. I’ve heard it needs about 7 coats to be opaque on it’s own, but I haven’t tested it.

I’m not a huge fan of darker colours, so I tried it on a lighter colour today. Miss Beauty Nail Polish’s “Amythest” was the colour I chose and used 3 coats of that with 2 coats of Fantasy Fire. I think it worked beautifully.

These photos don’t do the colour justice at all. In real life, the polish is filled with glitter particles, that reflect orange and green as your fingers move, with a sort-of holographic look to it.
Overall, Fantasy Fire is a beautiful polish and it’s completely understandable why it’s becoming harder to find. Where I am, Boots was sold out and Superdrug had 3 left. I think I should get stocked up.

Barbie Heels Stamping

Post originally from April 13th 2012, moved from Tumblr:

I think it’s fair to say I really am going to become obsessed with image plates and stamping. Instead of the usual once-a-week nail painting, it’s beginning to be every few days. Maybe it’s the boredom of Easter holidays, but at this rate I won’t be doing any revision for exams this summer… Oh well.
I used image plate BM-213 with the high heels pattern for this design. It reminds me so much of Barbie dolls, and screams “PINK!” so I just had to do it. The base colour is three coats of Barry M “Strawberry Ice Cream” and the shoes are Nails Inc “OMP!”.

Bundle Monster Image Plates!!

Post originally from 12th April 2012, moved from Tumblr:
I got the 25 pack Bundle Monster image plates today! I’m a very happy girl. Originally, I was going to buy the Red Angel plates after seeing them on Nailasaurus’s blog. However, they’re only avaliable in America. Boo! So, I settled for the Bundle Monster plates, and I’m super happy with them! The images they print are so crisp, even without the use of special polishes. Overall, I think they were an awesome buy. At £17 for 25 plates, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than Konad plates which are a few pounds per plate. 

 Sorry for the terrible photography and general painting of the nails. I was just so excited to get stamping!

Image plates brought from Amazon UK