Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pink Spice and Indigo zebra print

I find it boring to just have a nail polish colour on my nails. Yes, it's pretty, but other than that there isn't much to look at. But that's just my opinion. SO, I've stamped some zebra print onto the same Pink Spice colour as yesterday. I call it zebra print, but I'm not really too sure what it is. It could be a tiger print I suppose, but I wouldn't know what the difference between them. I think my nails today look more like a tiger because of the orange tones to Pink Spice.
The base coat is Accessorize's "Pink Spice" (obviously) and the stamping colour is Barry M's "Indigo". The stamping plate I used was BM223.

I think Indigo has worked quite well as a stamping polish, although I'm not too sure how well it would do over colours other than reds/pinks/purples. I think overall my nails look so cute and sparkly! I love them.