Sunday, 19 August 2012

So... still no new posts

I'm sorry guys, I promised I'd post something over the weekend. Unfortunately I just don't have time to get any nail art done, let alone have the time to take pictures, edit, and post them. After the summer I'll be going into sixth form which means I have a lot of summer coursework to get done. Of course, school work has to be my main focus. Next week I'm doing some volunteer work during the day so that means that I'm going to have even less time to get nails done. Depending how busy school gets, I'm hoping to be able to start posting once a week (maybe twice) from September, but in the meantime I hope you all don't mind my lack-of-posts.


  1. It's fine hun, sometimes life gets in the way.

    We'll still be here when your less busy and able to get back into blogging :)

  2. Sounds like life is busy! I completely understand. I sometimes can only survive the busy stretches because I've got a lot of mani photos saved up, but we've all been there. School has to come first!