Friday, 15 June 2012

Birthday Nails!

Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 16, and of course nail art was necessary. I also have lots of swatching of new nail polishes I should get done soon, so two birds one stone. :)

I chose to use Ciaté's "Bonbon" as my base colour. I got this polish as a free gift from this month's issue of Marie Claire. It's a grey/beige (I think the word's greige?) with what looks like to me some purple/lilac tones to it. The application was okay, although I found it to be a little streaky on the first coat. These swatches show 2 coats.

I really like this colour, it's unlike anything I already own and that's always a good thing. But since it was my birthday I couldn't just leave them plain. I figured I would try some free handing, even though I'm not amazing at it. Free hand nail art is what I started doing (before this blog started), but I haven't done very much of it recently. I think this is mostly because I get stuck for ideas easily, and have to take inspiration from others. The inspiration for these nails came from various images when I did a image search on Google for "birthday nails".

I should have let the cake nail dry a little longer. It smudged with the top coat. Oops. :') Oh well, I still think it looks pretty cute. I like how the pink looks against Bonbon.

I used a lot of colours for this nail art, so here's a list. I like lists.
Barbara Daly's "Kiwi"
Barry M's "Pink Flamingo"
Barry M's "Yellow"
Barry M's "Bright Red"
Max Factor's "Candy Blue" 
Nails Inc's "Atomic"
Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener

What do you think? Should I try and freehand more often, or stick to other forms of nail art?


  1. That is so cute! (late)Happy birthday!!!

    You should definitely keep up the freehand stuff :)

    1. Thank you! :) And, I'll try, practise makes perfect I guess. :L

  2. Very cute! And Happy 16th Birthday! Great to know there are some other young bloggers like myself out there :)

    1. Thank you! :) Yeah, it's awesome that there's such a wide age range of bloggers.

  3. Happy 16th birthday! Cute mani, love the little birthday cake :) You should definitely keep up with the freehand nail art.

    1. Thanks! :) And, I will if I can think of any ideas for some. :P

  4. Such a nice mani hun, belated birthday wishes.

    I hate it when I've spent ages on a mani & smudge if wot topcoat x :-)