Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Summer Challenge, Day 2: Picnic

Today is day two of the Summer Challenge is today, with the theme of Picnic. I had no idea what to do for this challenge to make it more unique, so I stuck to the obvious. Sorry about that! Here come my ants on a picnic blanket.

I know it's not amazing, but the ring finger was supposed to be a wicker picnic basket. LOL. And, the black dots are ants invading the picnic blanket. I'm pretty sure lots of other girls in the challenge have gotten similar things today, so lets hope tomorrow is more creative. :)

The base is Barry M's "Bright Red", and the ants were done with Barry M's "Black" and a toothpick. All of the other details were added with acrylic paint and a small paint brush.

Here are the other girls doing the challenge: