Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Rainbow nails!

It's been ages since my last post... again. Sorry! :( I would say that I have reasons, but honestly I'm just kinda lazy. And when I have to choose between doing homework and writing a blog post, I'm not sure my teachers would appreciate if I chose to do the blog post instead. :P

Recently, I've been lacking in inspiration for designs. I think it's mostly because I just want to do Christmas designs but it's still slightly too early for them. Anyway, whenever I'm stuck for ideas I tend to just throw a bunch of colours around and go kinda crazy. And so, these rainbow nails were born!

They aren't the neatest lines, but I think that makes it look even more fun. The colours I used were; Barry M's "Bright Red, Nail Inc's "Atomic", Barry M's "Yellow", Barry M's "Spring Green", Max Factor's "Candy Blue", Barry M's "Indigo" and finally Rimmel's "Ultra Violet". All of these were over a base of Barry M's "White".

Hopefully I can get into a habit of blogging more regularly but it all depends on school work... sorry guys. :( Also, on a side note, are there any qualified nail technicians out there? I've been looking into doing some proper nail courses and it would be great to get some advice. :)

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